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SREE Home Nursing is one leading service providers of Home Nusre, Home Maid, Baby Care & Delivery Care. We are one of the leading service providers of Home Nursing services all over India. Home Nursing service, credit goes to our professionals who are experienced, skilled and help the patient with care and honesty.Our professionals are ready to give nursing care to your mother or father round the clock.We train Our Staff in our assisted living facilities and impart all the necessary skills for outstanding Home Nursing Services.You may ask to anyone, your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives or hospitals, you will get our name as a competent, trustworthy, passionate Care giving service provider in long term care. Over the years we created a tradition in caring the distressed and the disabled. Caring is our passion.

We provide services in:
1.Home Nursing
2.Delivery care
kottayam home nurse

Home Nurse - Among the most obvious benefits of skilled nursing facilities is the personalized health care services offered to residents. These services typically include regular administration of daily prescriptions, medical attention when needed, emergency medical services, 24-hour health monitoring services. Having on-site medical care available from registered nurses and health care providers is crucial to a senior’s safety and well-being.An in-home nursing service offers personalized nursing care at home as offered in a typical hospital while being more compassionate towards the patient and gets integrated into the patient’s family and develops an emotional bond with the patient and their family. The services offered by home care nursing are provided by registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists among others. And as such you need not worry on the quality of service offered by the home nurse. In the past, the phrases In-Home Care, Home Care and Home Health Care were used interchangeably. Today however, people have developed a better understanding towards Home Health Care or In-Home nursing service which is basically skilled nursing care whereas the term In-Home Care refers to non-medical care services like personal care and companionship and supervision. kottayam home nursing

Delivery Care - Care after pregnancy is a must, whether you give birth at home or at the hospital. Traditionally, women are advised to stay at home after delivery to let their body heal. We provide well trained female staff to support you in this time.Visit MyPlate to find more information about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015. The site can also give you the right dietary recommendations for your age, sex, and physical activity level. Most mothers want to lose their pregnancy weight, but extreme dieting and rapid weight loss can harm you and your baby if you are breastfeeding. It can take several months for you to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy. You can reach this goal by cutting out high-fat snacks. Focus on a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, balanced with proteins and carbohydrates. Exercise also helps burn calories and tone muscles and limbs. Along with balanced meals, you should drink more fluids if you are breastfeeding. You may find that you become very thirsty while the baby is nursing. Water and milk are good choices. Try keeping a pitcher of water and even some healthy snacks beside your bed or breastfeeding chair. Talk with your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian if you want to learn more about postpartum nutrition. Certified lactation consultants can also help with advice about nutrition while breastfeeding.